All About Radiologic Technologist in Pennsylvania

 The work of a radiologic technician is to produce clear and accurate images of the patient body that help physicians to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. The technicians use various high tech equipments such as positron emission tomography (PET), mammography, X-ray and computerized axial tomography to capture the images of patients. They are also tasked with guiding patients through the process to ensure quality images are captured. Rad technologist also offers guidance and assistance to patients who may be concerned with the safety or other issues regarding the procedure.

Career Overview

 To become a X-ray technician in Philly you must undergo through formal education and additional training on the field. Many radiologic technologists usually start by specializing on a single specialty such as mammography and later learn other areas. This is because technicians with broader knowledge and understanding of various specialties are highly preferred by employers. The training is designed to help technicians diagnose a wide range of conditions with accuracy and confidence.

Salary and Benefits

 The salary for radiographer in city of Brotherly Love, Pennsylvania is highly competitive. The growth of technicians’ income is greater than other professionals. In 2013, the average amount of salary for radiology technician in the United States is about $60,790 per year. The median pay is about $60,050 while the lowest paid radiology professionals earn a salary of about $52,280. You could also check this site:

Education requirements

 To become a medical radiation technologist in "the City that Loves you Back", students must complete the training. You can opt for a certificate program, associate degree or a bachelor’s degree. The certificate course will take one to two years; associate’s degree will take two years while a degree program would take four years. A certificate program is suitable for a person with experience on this industry. The city of Philadelphia has at least 4 accredited radiology technology schools that you can attend. Majority of Philadelphia’s radiology professionals are graduates from one of these institutions.

Licenses and Certificates

 In order to be certified, the technician is required to sit and pass a certification exam offered by American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). To maintain the ARRT certified status, you have to attend a 24 hours of continuing education every 2 years.


 Radiologic technologist is a good career. Over the years, employment opportunities have been steadily increasing while at the same time, the salaries have also been increasing. However, to succeed as a radiographer, you must have good communication skills, physically fit, focus on detail and attentive to procedures.